Household Hazardous Waste

Television Disposal

Please refer to the attached flyer for TV disposal TV Disposal Resources

Household Hazardous Waste Items

Household Hazardous Waste should not be thrown out in the regular trash, household hazardous waste such as:

  • Car batteries 
  • Computer components
  • Gasoline
  • Hard drives 
  • Housings
  • Insect sprays
  • Monitors
  • Motor oil
  • Oil-based paints

Annual Collection Events

Please visit one of the free annual Household Hazardous Waste collection events in the southeast region to properly dispose these items. 

Montgomery County Recycling Events


Although state law requires electronics manufacturers to offer recycling opportunities for TVs and computers, those manufacturers are no longer sponsoring county recycling collections in the Southeastern Pennsylvania region. Concern about the lack of disposal options for TV’s and computers should be directed to the appropriate State Representative and Senator. An amendment to the state electronics recycling law, called the Covered Device Recycling Act, is needed to ensure the availability of recycling outlets. For an overview of the Covered Device Recycling Act please click here

Drop off locations for:

Take back electronics:

  • Apple (Apple Give Back - Apple products only)
  • Samsung (Samsung products only)

Organizations Only:

Transportation to Events

If you do not have transportation to an event and have hazardous waste to dispose of, please call the Montgomery County Recycling Hotline at 610-278-3618.

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Houshold Hazardous Waster 2023

More Information

For more information about household hazardous wastes or ways to dispose of them contact the Montgomery County Recycling Coordinator at 610-278-3045 or visit the Recycling in Montgomery County Pennsylvania page.