How is the bill calculated?

Lower Pottsgrove Township levies several taxes- Real Estate Tax, Per Capita Tax, (Emergency Medical System) EMS Tax, and Earned Income Tax- to pay for basic services. The Per Capita, Emergency and Municipal Services Tax, and Real Estate Taxes are collected by Jennifer Marsteller and the Earned Income Tax is collected by Berkheimer Associates, who can be called at 800-360-8989.

Two other types of taxes occur only in specific instances. They are the Light Fund Tax and Realty Transfer Tax.

  • Light Fund Tax - The township imposes a tax on all properties within 300 feet of a public street light. This tax is based upon a per-foot basis and the funds a re used to pay for the direct cost of operating the lights.
  • Realty Transfer tax - This tax is levied at the time of transfer of real estate on the buyer and the seller, each of whom pay 1% of the value of the property represented on the deed, for a total of 2%. This tax is collected by the County Recorder of deeds who forwards 1% to the state, 0.5% to the school district, and 0.5% to the Township.

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