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How can I contact the Tax Collector?
Jennifer V. Marsteller, Tax Collector
1954 East High Street, Suite 1
Pottstown, PA 19464

(610) 326-6960
When are taxes due?
County and township taxes are sent out on March 1. The EMS tax, as well as the school and per capita taxes are sent out on July 1. Residents have 60 days to pay their tax bills. The discount is good for the county and township taxes until April 30. The net is good until June 29, and residents have until December to pay the penalty. The taxes mailed on July 1- occupation, school, and per capita taxes- have a discount which is good until August 30. The net is good until October 30, and residents have until December to pay the penalty.
Where can I pay them?
Residents can mail their tax bill to or they can be paid in person at the tax collector's office at 1954 East High Street, Suite 1, Pottstown, PA 19464. For information about office hours, please visit the tax collector's website,
What do they pay for?
Lower Pottsgrove Township provides many important services to its residents and businesses with the use of tax money. Police, fire, emergency service protection, roads and sewers, trash collection, park and recreation facilities, as well as code enforcement and direct response by the Township staff to a variety of requests from residents are just some of the numerous services made available.
How is the bill calculated?
Lower Pottsgrove Township levies several taxes- Real Estate Tax, Per Capita Tax, EMS Tax, and Earned Income Tax- to pay for basic services. The Per Capita, Emergency and Municipal Services Tax, and Real Estate Taxes are collected by Jennifer Marsteller at 610-326-6960; the Earned Income Tax is collected by Berkheimer Associates at 1-800-360-8989.

  • Real Estate taxes
  • Per Capita tax
  • Emergency & Municipal Services tax

  • Earned Income tax - The tax collection agency, Berkheimer Associates, can be reached at 1-800-360-8989.
Other Types of Taxes
Two other types of taxes occur only in specific instances. They are the Light Fund Tax and Realty Transfer Tax.

  • Light Fund Tax - The township imposes a tax on all properties within 300 feet of a public street light. This tax is based upon a per-foot basis and the funds a re used to pay for the direct cost of operating the lights.
  • Realty Transfer tax - This tax is levied at the time of transfer of real estate on the buyer and the seller, each of whom pay one percent of the value of the property represented on the deed, for a total of two percent. This tax is collected by the County Recorder of deeds who forwards on percent to the state, one-half percent to the school district , and one-half percent to the Township.