Narcotics & Traffic Safety Enforcement

Narcotics Enforcement

The Lower Pottsgrove Township police department (LPT PD) takes an active role investigating drug activity within the Township. 

We investigate those involved in the manufacturing of narcotics, the selling of narcotics and the possession of narcotics. 

Montgomery County Drug Task Force

Several members of the LPT police department are assigned to the Montgomery County District Attorneys Drug Task Force. These officers are sworn in as Special County Detectives. This permits them to investigate drug violations that not only occur within the Township limits but also violations within Montgomery County.

Reporting Tips

The LPT PD encourages residents to provide us with information on suspected drug activity. Residents can provide LPT PD with tips by visiting our Crimewatch page. 

Traffic Safety & Enforcement

The LPT PD offers a variety of services to provide traffic safety in the Township. Officers Kevin Black and Scott Bond are the traffic safety officers.

Traffic Violations

Traffic violations (speeding, stop sign violations, parking, etc.) are one of the most frequent complaints fielded by the LPT PD. We offer different avenues to address these concerns via:

  • The LPT PD will provide traffic studies with the assistance of Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP). Please contact the LPT PD with traffic study requests.
  • The LPT PD has a speed trailer we can place in most locations of the township to monitor speed on a given roadway. The device is capable of providing data on numbers of vehicles clocked, speed of each vehicle, most frequent time of day for speeding violations, etc.
  • The LPT PD takes part in numerous traffic enforcement programs funded by PA. Programs include: 
    • Click-it or Ticket
    • Drive Safe in PA
    • DUI Checkpoints
  • In 2007 Ordinance 271 was passed addressing parking violation concerns in the Township. All violations are $10 fines except for Handicap Zone violations which is $25. Violations include: 
    • 15 feet from fire hydrant
    • Facing traffic movement on roadway
    • Fire lanes
    • In front of a driveway;
    • No parking areas
    •  etc.
  • The LPT PD offers child safety seatbelt checks. Traffic Safety Officer  Scott Bond is certified to conduct these checks. Please contact the LPT PD by calling 610-326-1508 to arrange an appointment.