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Emergency Management

Emergency Management is a legal responsibility and function of local, county, state and federal government. Over the past two decades, federal and state laws were amended to include natural, technological and man-made disaster mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery programs. National attention to emergency management began in the early 1950s with emphasis on civil defense or enemy attack preparedness.
Emergency Laws

Pennsylvania's Emergency Management Services Code (35 Pa. C. S Section 7101-7707) became law in 1978 and replaced the State Council of Civil Defense Act of 1951. The 1978 Act consolidated existing state laws and updated the role of emergency management within the Commonwealth. Amendments to this Act in 1988 and 1989 further focused the role of emergency management personnel, organizations and responsibilities.

This state law requires that every county and municipal government develop and maintain an emergency management program consistent with the state and federal emergency management program.

Emergency Coordinator

An emergency management coordinator who is appointed by the Governor based upon the recommendation of the county or municipal elected officials administers each county and municipal program. The coordinator is an employee of the county or municipality and is responsible for implementing the program.


Emergencies and disasters strike quickly and often without warning. They can disrupt our lives, force us to leave our homes, or even confine us for days without essential services like electricity, phones, or water. How ready are you and your family?

One of the first things you can do is sign up for our ReadyMontco notification system. This program delivers alerts about severe weather and other important events in Montgomery County to the devices of your choice. Whether you prefer emails, text messages, or even a good ol' fashioned phone call - you decide the option that works for you!

There is no direct cost to sign up for ReadyMontco. However, there may be charges for certain features (like receiving text messages) so it's best to double check with your service providers.

ReadyMontco replaced the ReadyNotifyPA system in June 2015 as the Montgomery County Department of Public Safety, along with its emergency management partners in the Southeastern Pennsylvania region, switched providers of our notification system.