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Pottsgrove Recreation Board

Misson Statement

The Pottsgrove Recreation Board (PRB) exists to provide places and recreational activities for people to engage in opportunities that promote health, well-being, and community spirit.


The Pottsgrove Recreation Board is the central recreational organization of the Pottsgroves. Its purpose is to provide recreation for the residents of the various Pottsgrove communities. Funding is provided by the three townships and the school district.

The Recreation Board is composed of an elected official and a citizen representative from each of the governing bodies.

Sydney Marshall; Secretary & School Board Citizen Representative

Patti Grimm; School Board Representative

Gerilyn Keohane; Lower Citizen Representative

Brad Mayberry; President & West Citizen Representative

Bill Keohane; Lower Pottsgrove Commissioner

Cathy Paretti; Upper Pottsgrove Commissioner

Michelle Thompson; Vice President & Upper Citizen Representative

Charles Valentine; West Pottsgrove Commissioner

The Director of Recreation is Pam Ball. She may be contacted at 484-624-2507 or by email at

 The Board meets monthly on the 3rd Tuesday of the month.

Share your Ideas!
The Recreation Board wants to plan the kind of activities that you most enjoy. If you have ideas to improve or expand the program, please contact the director or a board member. Your input is valuable in determining the needs of the community. 

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